It’s Campaign Season in NH. Livestream Your event.

It's a busy, busy time in New Hampshire. There are 20 (give or take) candidates for President touching down and criss-crossing our state. New Hampshire has a reputation as a bastion of retail politics, where candidates walk the pavement, press the flesh, and take questions in local lunch spots and town halls. Livestreaming a campaign appearance is 21st Century retail politics, and throughout the NH Presidential Primary season we at JBC are connecting with the campaigns to provide both HD and UHD video coverage, plus professional livestream broadcasting for their candidate events and town halls. No shaky phone coverage, no hollow, distorted audio, JBC provides truly professional and yet affordable packages to showcase your candidate in their best light - in New Hampshire and across the country. Remember the old adage "I'm not what I think of (candidate), I've only seen them twice." Give voters as many chances as possible to learn more about your candidate. Contact us at or call 603.502.6110 to find out more.

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