Gallery 4

  • Single DigitsFeature Spots

    Single DigitsFeature Spots

    We created a whole series of spots highlighting key features of Single Digits services and platforms. Production was tricky, as we were shooting during the…

  • ConvenientMD Location Opener Spots

    ConvenientMD Location Opener Spots

    ConvenientMD tasked JBC with creating a series of urgent care center opening spots in NH, ME, and MA. We travelled throughout multiple locations in those…

  • Communities & Consequences II Film Trailer

    Communities & Consequences II Film

    Communities and Consequences II: Rebalancing New Hampshire’s Human Ecology is a sequel project to 2008’s award-winning film "Communities and Consequences: The Unbalancing of New Hampshire’s…

  • UNH Online

    UNH Online

    UNH Online asked us to create 2 spots and a slightly longer recruitment piece to promote UNH's online master's program. A key theme for students…

  • Wheelabrator Technologies

    Wheelabrator Technologies

    This was Wheelabrator's first foray into creating a brand film to capture their leadership and legacy in the waste-to-energy market and commitment to communities where…

  • InterGen – Life on InterGen

    InterGen – Life on InterGen

    Energy company InterGen celebrated its 20th Anniversary with the roll-out of a brand film to communicate internally and externally the impressive and lasting role the…

  • Unitil Corporation

    Unitil Corporation

    Unitil Corporation premiered a film produced by JBC Communications – in the style of “Dirty Jobs” – promoting Unitil’s challenge to remove a vital gas…

  • NHDOT Seat Belts

    NHDOT Seat Belts

    Tiffany Eddy & Associates, NHDOT, Melissa Fifield Racing and JBC teamed up to produce a PSA to encourage drivers to use there seatbelts.



    JBC had the honor of creating a 30th Anniversary tribute film, for the NH Small Business Development Center, celebrating 30 years of providing small businesses…

  • Mindi for Congress

    Mindi for Congress

    JBC was retained by Mindi for Congress to create video content as part of Mindi Messmer's grassroots campaign for US Congress in NH. It debuted…

  • Telly’s TV Spot

    Telly’s TV Spot

    GM Filias partnered with us to develop a TV Spot to encourage customers to come and experience Telly's as more than just a delicious pizzeria.…

  • St. Thomas Aquinas High School

    St. Thomas Aquinas High School

    "Come Be A Saint". St. Thomas Aquinas is a special place for students, parents and faculty. JBC produced a recruitment film to capture that special…